Wednesday, October 20, 2004

discretion, or tact, or something

every so often, i worry about my blog being open to the world. it disturbs me that simply anyone can stumble upon it and traipse through my world however they please. i passworded my blog before for a short while, but eventually that got annoying enough that i took it down.

ariel sent me a link to this guy's blog last summer. he's funny and fun to read and stuff. i bring it up because he never names the firms that he works for. due to this one incident a ways back when a firm looked up his blog, read a post in which he said something to the effect of, i don't think i really want to work for them, and decided not to hire him. that sucks.

that last post about new world computing. i was mildly frustrated at the time. i wasn't even very mad. at some point i decided to treat the post as an exercise in using the word fuck. i managed to really pack it in there. but i would never want the tutoring company that i work for, or a law school that i'm applying to, or even a student that i'm teaching, to get wind of it. to me, there needs to be a definite separation of obscenity-packed private life and professional life, and it seems like with the internet, it's getting harder and harder to keep up that partition.

what prompted this post was the very polite and self-deprecating response from greg, the author of the weblog that i linked to a few posts back. yes, the bush supporter. his comment is down there, it's interesting. i went to his website to post a comment in reply, but unfortunately, the char limit is 1000 without an upgraded (upgraded? i didn't know that was an option) account, so i'm putting it here instead. curse my long winded comments that never fit...

hi greg

i was extremely surprised to see a comment from you on my blog. i feel i ought to apologize for using excessive profanity to insult you and your family. i know only two things about you: 1) you have a very photogenic family (pro), and 2) you support bush and cheney (con, to me). that is not deserving of obscenity, but if my blog is any indication, i do tend to overuse curse words in my posts.

i can't tell if your response is genuine sincerity or scathing sarcasm, seeing as this is the internet, the most flawed communication medium known to man, but i'm going to assume it was the former.

if you're so inclined, i would honestly like to know why you believe bush to be the better candidate. if you don't want to discuss it, that's fine too, but you sound polite and intelligent and in possession of a good sense of humor. you can comment on my blog, or post on yours; i'll check in tomorrow.

and yes, without a doubt, cute kid! regardless of the logo plastered all over his back.


At 12:12 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your post and apology. And since you asked, I will share with you why I will vote for Bush. I published it as a post on my blog. I warn you though, I got rather long winded myself! :)

If you want, I would also like to hear who you think is the better candidate and why you think so.

My post is at: again,

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Stoops said...

man, eric. controversy just seems to follow you like a pack of hungry dogs.

but, such is the life of a tetragrammaton cleric, i suppose.


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